Live Tweeting a Cowgirl Basketball Game

I was assigned in class to practice “Live Tweeting” an event of importance. I was excited at the opportunity to cover a Wyoming athletic event.

I originally had planned on doing the Wyoming vs. Northern Iowa game, but I ended up having to leave town spur of the moment. I was determined to cover a basketball game, but bronchitis held me away from the Colorado Christian game. So, with time dwindling, I ended up covering the Wyoming Cowgirls game versus the Idaho Lady Vandals in the Arena Auditorium.

I had a great time covering the Cowgirls. I want to be involved in sports once I graduate, so tweeting this event was excellent practice for me.  It was nice to be able to talk about stuff I truly cared and was passionate about, rather than a teacher assigning me an event.  I also love UW sports, so that made the assignment that much more appealing.

I enjoyed watching the game and putting it into my own words. I have watched so much sports television in my life, I felt like putting the play into words was very easy. I enjoyed capturing photos of the event, and I felt my picture of the introductions with the fire coming out of the basket was a great shot.

I can’t think of anything I did not enjoy, I really liked the entire process of Live Tweeting a sporting event.

One of the things I learn was difficult was tweeting while play was continuing on the court. The game is so fast paced that a tweeter must type very fast in order to not miss anything important on the court. That being said, I found that I am a very slow tweeter.

I also learned that it is important to grab a game program before the game. While the announcer does a great job telling the crowd who does what, it is important that the tweeter spells all the names of the players correctly. The game program helps vitally with this.

If I could have done anything differently, I would have spelled “Dome of Doom” in my first tweet, rather than “Dome of Dome”. I was SURPRISED to see this mistake minutes later but also that Twitter doesn’t have post-tweet editing.

I can see myself using social media a lot in the future as far as my career in journalism is concerned.

Today, journalists are all over social media, and it is vital that they are. People don’t rely on home computer and newspapers for their news as much as they used to. Now, people have their screens in their faces 24/7, and they want to see the news instantly.  It is important to have a great social media presence so your viewership is maintained. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will be essential to my success.





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