Final Video Project

For our classes final project, we were asked to join teams of 2-3 members and create a video that captured an event involving the University of Wyoming and/or the City of Laramie. Our group decided to cover a charity dodgeball tournament that was put on by university students at the local high school.

Students in Dr. Patton’s Cross Cultural Communications class created the tournament to raise awareness for homelessness in Laramie. The money raised went towards winter coats that can double as sleeping bags for the homeless around town.

Chloe, Amy, and myself felt this was an important and positive event that deserved to be covered for our video. Although I was unable to attend the filming process, I felt that Chloe and Amy did an excellent job of covering the important details during interviews and created interesting and varied shots of B-Roll for the video.

Our video editing experience was quite an eventful one. With many technical difficulties came many frustrating moments in the computer lab. But in the end, I learned a lot of great resilience in the video editing process and I am very proud of how the project turned out for us.

I really enjoyed that we were able to cover an event that premised itself on charity and helping others.  The most fulfilling journalism projects should be the ones that help the community come together for a great cause. Therefore, that was the most enjoyable part for myself.

What I did not enjoy were the countless walls put in our way that required our group to use every second of lab time we could to get this project done. With computers not running the programs correctly, files not downloading from thumb drives, editing the video and not being able to save it, and countless other road blocks, the task of creating a well-rounded video was a dog-fight down to the wire.

Alas, we made that final shot at the buzzer and produced a video that encapsulated the charity event nicely. After we figured out all the issues, with hours of help from our class TA, editing the video was really fun. The program let us be creative with transitions, add text, and manage the volume levels to create an entertaining piece. Now that I understand why the problems were occurring, I am looking forward to video editing in the near future.

I have an uncanny ability to struggle with any and all technology. So, it was not surprising to me that we encountered so many issues editing the video. What was surprising to me was how smoothly the editing process was after we merely switched the account in which we ran the program on. Once we ran the program on my account, the editing was easy and we had a really good time bringing the assignment together.

Next time, I will definitely make sure to check that the program can run on everyone’s account efficiently before starting to edit videos. It is a real pain to edit an entire project and then not be able to save it. So checking everyone’s program will be something I do differently in the future. Also, when conducting interviews, I want to make sure that the background being filmed has the ability to hold text on it well  (such as names, occupations, etc.). With background that are too dark, light or busy, it can be hard to read text no matter what the font or color is.

In the future, I can see myself doing a lot of video projects. Watching ESPN and SportsCenter my entire life inspired me to study journalism and advertisement.  Those shows have mastered the ability to comprise exciting and to-the-point clips of awesome sports action, which is something I am very interested in doing for a career.  The skills I have learned during this project will definitely be applicable in my future endeavors.



Live Tweeting a Cowgirl Basketball Game

I was assigned in class to practice “Live Tweeting” an event of importance. I was excited at the opportunity to cover a Wyoming athletic event.

I originally had planned on doing the Wyoming vs. Northern Iowa game, but I ended up having to leave town spur of the moment. I was determined to cover a basketball game, but bronchitis held me away from the Colorado Christian game. So, with time dwindling, I ended up covering the Wyoming Cowgirls game versus the Idaho Lady Vandals in the Arena Auditorium.

I had a great time covering the Cowgirls. I want to be involved in sports once I graduate, so tweeting this event was excellent practice for me.  It was nice to be able to talk about stuff I truly cared and was passionate about, rather than a teacher assigning me an event.  I also love UW sports, so that made the assignment that much more appealing.

I enjoyed watching the game and putting it into my own words. I have watched so much sports television in my life, I felt like putting the play into words was very easy. I enjoyed capturing photos of the event, and I felt my picture of the introductions with the fire coming out of the basket was a great shot.

I can’t think of anything I did not enjoy, I really liked the entire process of Live Tweeting a sporting event.

One of the things I learn was difficult was tweeting while play was continuing on the court. The game is so fast paced that a tweeter must type very fast in order to not miss anything important on the court. That being said, I found that I am a very slow tweeter.

I also learned that it is important to grab a game program before the game. While the announcer does a great job telling the crowd who does what, it is important that the tweeter spells all the names of the players correctly. The game program helps vitally with this.

If I could have done anything differently, I would have spelled “Dome of Doom” in my first tweet, rather than “Dome of Dome”. I was SURPRISED to see this mistake minutes later but also that Twitter doesn’t have post-tweet editing.

I can see myself using social media a lot in the future as far as my career in journalism is concerned.

Today, journalists are all over social media, and it is vital that they are. People don’t rely on home computer and newspapers for their news as much as they used to. Now, people have their screens in their faces 24/7, and they want to see the news instantly.  It is important to have a great social media presence so your viewership is maintained. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will be essential to my success.