Social Media and Business

Social media is a tool often used by businesses. It helps connect the business itself to the online demographic through fun and creative images, video and text. With so many platforms to choose from, businesses have the ability to reach anyone with a computer, phone, tablet, etc.

For this assignment, I was asked to choose two different sources of business and compare their presence on social media. I decided to go with Nike and Reebok for my comparison because I am an athlete they uses both companies products frequently.

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Both companies use popular medias. They are both present on Facebook, Instagram,  LinkedIn, and Twitter.

I was unable to find a Pinterest for either company, although there are ads for their products on the site.

Both companies have great accounts on Instagram. I am biased towards Nike gear so it’s hard for me to lean the other way, but Reebok really impressed me. Both accounts on Instagram were flashy. Gym models in every picture with the newest gear available. Facebook was the same way, most likely because users can share pictures from Instagram to Facebook. Nike had a lot of images featuring popular sports. I noticed Reebok had a lot of Crossfit pictures and gym fitness oriented posts.

Facebook was one of the most different medias between the two. Nike’s Facebook page covered a multitude  of sports and the different apparel they have for each, while Reebok promoted events, links to other health articles, and human interest posts.

Twitter use was fairly regular for both companies but I was expecting to see more NFL football on the Nike account. Nike recently bought out Reebok to be the official NFL uniform supplier.

I also had trouble finding Snapchat’s for either company. Snapchat usernames can be difficult to find for the most part if they aren’t in bio’s on other forms of media. So they may exist, however I was unable to find them.

Both companies were on LinkedIn, but I found the other medias were much more interesting and seemed to be more popular due to the number of followers. LinkedIn is more oriented for the business aspect of companies.

The brands were very consistent across all medias as far as their message is concerned. I noticed that Reebok was more oriented to the average person where as Nike used more professional athletes in their photos and videos. Both messages included fitness and using the coolest, newest equipment for the specific sporting season.

Nike and Reebok used the medias to sell their products.  Each company utilized models and athletes wearing their products while working out, playing in games, and posing in athletic stances. Most of the texts were motivational, using phases such as “win the day” and “play like there is no tomorrow”.

For Nike’s media, I would have displayed more sports that are popular at the moment (football, basketball, volleyball). They could have promoted company events as well, which was an area Rebook excelled in. If Nike does have a Snapchat I would advise them to promote it on Instagram and Twitter. They are a company that produces amazing graphics and can utilize that media really well.

For Rebook, I would display their clothing apparel more on their Instagram. Their products were featured on model and athletes, but the focus was on the person and not the product. I would advise them to offer more apparel on Facebook, I saw a lot of human interest stuff which is awesome, but doesn’t sell product. There should be a good balance. Like Nike, I was unable to find a Snapchat. This is the most popular app at the moment and can improve interest in their brand.

At the end of the day, both companies used their social media presence to their advantage.  Selling clothing was the main idea for both, but a message of fitness and well-being was a definite selling point.  I would have to say Nike won the battle in a head-to-head match up, but when your company is worth $75 billion it would be hard to fail.