Edited Interview with Thomas Lipitz

I thoroughly enjoyed my editing experience with Audacity. It was very easy to use and fun to explore. The interview with Thomas went well and sounds even better now that it has been edited.

The experience itself was not too stressing due to the fact that I have used audacity before this interview.  I will disclose that the audio sounds much more clear and loud in my head phones, so I will advise the listener to use headphones when listening.

Most of the controls I used in the program were ones that are used in Office (Cut, Paste, etc.), so my editing wasn’t too technical. Importing and exporting the downloads were very simple.

The tool I enjoyed the most was the zoom feature.  Being able to investigate my audio under a closer microscope helped me to make the transitions smoother and more finite. I also liked how easy it was to mute other tracks, even though I only ended up saving one.

An application I found difficult was having to press “stop” instead of “pause” to make adjustments to the audio.  It makes sense that you would need to press “stop”, but it was difficult for me to remember at first.

Something that surprised me was how many small adjustments can go into a second of audio.  The editing possibilities are virtually endless with this program. How in depth the zoom can go was something the shocked me as well.

If I could change anything, It was be adding a little more ambient noise between transitions in order to make the change of subject more apparent.  The fact that I forgot to get a self ID in the initial raw audio was disappointing, and I found that when I added it later it was really difficult to match it up with the initial interview raw audio.

I wish my transitions were more smooth, I feel like there were a couple rough patches. When Thomas is talking I feel like the audio sounds good, but some of the pauses could have been edited better.

Overall I think the interview sounds good and the information about his hometown and his experiences in Laramie were insightful.


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