My interview with Thomas Lipitz: The Man; the Myth; the Legend

I conducted an interview with fellow classmate Thomas Lipitz and spoke about his upbringing in Pueblo, Colorado and his decision to attend the University of Wyoming.

During the interview, I felt very comfortable with Thomas. I have done audio recordings with people beforehand, so the experience was nothing new. We sat down in a quiet area and the setting was very relaxed, which was optimal.  I enjoyed learning about Thomas and his background in Pueblo. I’ve been to Pueblo a few times so I was able to picture some of the details in his interview.

I also enjoyed being the interviewee. Thomas was really good at interviewing and I could tell he had experience in the field. I’ve been interviewed many times in my sports career, so having an audio recorder close by was something I had seen before.

I am not sure there was anything I didn’t enjoy about the interview.  I forgot to get a self-identification before Thomas started talking so in hindsight I would have done that first.   He was a really easy guy to talk to and I thought our questions got some nice information out of us.

I wish I would have asked him what his favorite things to do in Laramie were. We discussed what he liked to do in Pueblo, but I would like to hear more about his Laramie experience thus far. I would add the self-identification at the beginning of the audio and will probably ask him to do one in class so I can add it to the edited draft. Also leaving some space between questions would have helped more with the editing on audacity like Mike Brown had discussed in class.

I feel like I will get better and interviews will run much more smoothly with practice. Like anything, interviewing is a craft that takes practice and reps. I will work on making adjustments mid-interview and asking questions based off of the interviewees answers rather than sticking strictly to the questions I’ve prepared before the interview.


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