5 Pictures Featuring Different Creative Devices

I spent a few hours this past week walking around my beautiful college campus and captured some images with my iPhone 5 digital camera. Here are a few of those pictures that involve creative devices to enhance the image:


Shining Light. This photo was taken outside of the Arts and Sciences building on the UW campus, above a door on the outside of the building.

This image uses the creative device of contrast. The darkness of the building is contrasted by the brightness of the bulb in the center of the photo.  This creates a pleasing image to the eye and a sense of warmth that the bulb creates.


Made of Stone. This photo was taken outside of Merica Hall on the UW campus around 1:30 p.m.

This photo uses the device of viewpoint. The perspective of this photo is what makes it unique. If I had taken the photo from a normal distance it would be a normal picture of a building. But because I was able to get closer and shoot the shot at an upward angle, it has become much more interesting.


Off the Wall. Taken at the Biological Science Building at the University of Wyoming.

Leading line is the creative device used in this image. This is appealing to the eye because it creates a vector leading up the building and to the sky. One could also suggest symmetry as a create device with the decretive siding of the building.


Tick Tock. Living Room decor displayed in an American household.

This image displays cropping and texture. The clock itself is not portrayed as it is in reality due to one side not being visible. This is what is considered cropping, because even though the entire subject is not captured, the viewer still knows it is a clock due to subject clues. The wall upon which the clock rests creates a visual sensor that reminds us what the bumpy texture feels like without even being there.


Fall into Color. These flowers show that autumn is now among us. The beautiful changes in color sprinkle the UW campus on a brisk Fall day.

Color is very apparent as a creative device in this photo.  The colors are vibrant as they fill the green background in almost a polka-dot design.  The colors of the flowers (red, yellow, and orange) suggest that the flowers have began changing in the fall, giving the photo even more context, like an inferred calendar.


Having taken a photography class at the University of Wyoming, it was very hard for me to not edit the photos. I don’t believe I have a natural, raw talent at capturing photos, so I rely heavily on editing images to create even more creative devices.  Something that surprised me was how different the campus and other places I’ve known my whole life could look so different through the lens of a camera. Simply taking the time to investigate everyday sights at a deeper level really unlocked the true beauty our eyes can often overlook.

In hindsight, I would have tried to hit more notable sights on campus and given them a little different view that people aren’t used to seeing. I would have liked to work with the Rule of Thirds more because I believe it is a really effective device, but with architectural photography and not obvious subject matter, it can be difficult to apply.

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